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About Us

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Old World Techniques Using New World Technology. We have over 23 years of experience in the industry and can dry clean, wet clean, or even hand wash your rug. 

We specialize in caring for fine oriental rugs. Rugs are evaluated and hand-washed by certified technicians. Our carpet workroom provides carpet finishing binding, serging, fringes and fabric borders.

Along with cleaning, we also have skilled rug technicians that can help restore your rug to its original look. Certain rugs must be repaired by hand in order to not de-value the piece. Here at Gulf Coast Rugs we also specialize in hand sewing, knotting, and repairing those delicate rugs.

We offer a custom service to help you design a completely original rug that is perfect for your space.  Any of these beautiful natural fiber rugs can be custom made for your space.

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